HU / HUCTW School-to-Work Program

School-to-Work is a partnership between employers and schools to provide opportunities for students to learn about the world of work. For some students, exposure to the workplace enables them to explore career ideas. For others, it's a chance to think strategically about college. Learning becomes more relevant and engaging than in just a traditional classroom setting. School-to-Work programs can help prepare young people to be successful in life by building such skills as how to make decisions, solve problems, work with others, and to bring about change.

The Harvard Union of Clerical and Technical Workers coodinates a School-to-Work program with the Cambridge Office of Workforce Development, several Harvard schools/tubs, and Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School. Students are selected to work in departments for three afternoons a week as paid interns. Each student reports to a supervisor who is an HUCTW member. The role of the supervisor is to provide an overview of the student's work and specific work assignments, explain how her/his individual work fits into the mission of the department, and check in regularly with updates and feedback.

Training and learning opportunities are a crucial part of the School-to-Work program. Before the students report to work, supervisors attend a short session on "Working with Teens". In addition, the students are enrolled in a weekly Program seminar, Harvard funded, addressing workplace skills, collective action, and career exploration. Supervisors will be invited to join in some seminars, along with their students, about the union's role in the Harvard community and to teach basic negotiating and problem-solving skills.

Check out this article from the Harvard College Library intranet site for a write up of one School-to-Work experience.

For more information, please contact Joie Gelband, HUCTW organizer and School-to-Work Coordinator, at 617-661-8289 or by e-mail