Harvard and the Economy
February 14, 2011
2011: A Challenging New Era
August 24, 2009
HUCTW Update on Economy and Layoffs
June 24, 2009
HUCTW Update on University Communications
May 5, 2009
Open Letter to HUCTW Members and the Harvard Community
March 2009
"Staff, Not Stuff" visibility campaign by HUCTW
March 2, 2009
Open Letter Update from HUCTW on Harvard budgets and the Early Retirement Incentive
February 9, 2009
Open Letter Update from HUCTW on the economy and Harvard finances
December 22, 2008
Follow Up Open Letter from HUCTW on the economy
December 2, 2008
Open Letter from HUCTW on the economy
HARVie "Responding to Today's Economy"
Harvard's collection of links and information on the economy

Employment Security Information
Work Security
Our program to support members facing layoff
Problem Solving
Our system for resolving workplace problems
Disciplinary Process
Our process for addressing performance issues and misconduct (on pages 45-47 of the Personnel Manual)

Salary Program
Since 1989, HUCTW has negotiated with the University about the salary program and pay increases. In those 20 years, we have achieved important economic progress for union members at Harvard. Following are links to information about our salary program. Please contact the HUCTW office to talk more about any of this.
Salary Q&A
A FAQ about our salary increase program
July 1, 2011 Salary Table
Includes grade 56
2011 Salary Calculator
A tool to calculate your individual increase for 7/1/2011
This link will download an Excel worksheet to your computer with which you can easily calculate your increase.
Data you will need for this worksheet: your current salary, your grade, your length of service on 7/1/2011, and your hours per week.
Summary of the 2011-2012 Agreement
An overview of our current agreement

If you have questions,
please call the Union office at 617-661-8289.