HUCTW Childcare Fellowship


Deadline: Friday, September 26, 2014

The HUCTW Childcare Fellowship helps HUCTW members with the costs of childcare incurred during a parent’s working hours over the calendar year. HUCTW members with children ages 0-12 (up to a child's 13th birthday) may apply for the Fellowship.The types of childcare that are eligible include: daycare, in-home care, after-school programs, summer camps, pre-school, and public kindergarten (not private). However, please note that if you elect to receive your award through an tax free flexible spending account (FSA), kindergarten (public or private) is not an eligible expense. Kindergarten is only an eligible expense if you receive your award directly through the HUCTW office. You may apply online, or by printing and filling out a paper application. Both applications can be found here:

2015 HUCTW Childcare Fellowship Application and Instructions

Please contact the Childcare Fellowship Coordinators at the HUCTW office
at 617-661-8289 or with any questions.



If you recieved a 2014 Childcare Fellowship, and did not elect to put your money into a flexible spending account, you must fill out a verification form every quarter to be reimbursed for your expenses.

Verification forms are due to the HUCTW office according to the schedule below. Please submit your forms on time. Submit one verification form per provider for a three-month period (three months equals one quarter). Fellowship awards are delivered quarterly to your paycheck.

2014 Verification Form

2014 Quarterly Verification Form Deadlines:

Verification Form
For childcare during the
months of:
Award included in
February 21, 2014 Jan, Feb, March March 21, 2014 paycheck
May 16, 2014 April, May, June June 13, 2014 paycheck
August 22, 2014 July, Aug, Sept September 19, 2014 paycheck
November 14, 2014 Oct, Nov, Dec December 12, 2014 paycheck

If you have questions, please email us at
or call us at 617-661-8289 and ask for one of the Childcare Coordinators.