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Workshops for Union Members

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  • HUCTW: Overview, History, and Values
         (typically scheduled once each semester)
    This workshop is an overview of the union's history, philosophy, and values with an emphasis on the difference between our model and the traditional collective bargaining model. The union's structure and various joint union-management activities will be described.

  • Everyday Negotiations and Problem Solving
         (typically scheduled once each semester)
    This is an overview of the basic ideas of behind interest-based negotiating and problem solving and how they pertain to individual and small group situations. We will discuss philosophy and strategy of this method of issue resolution, as compared with other grievance handling systems. This session includes informational literature and an excercise to practice this method.

  • Reclassification Workshop
         (typically scheduled 3 times per quarter,
         alternating between the Cambridge and
         Medical Area campuses)

    This workshop is useful for anyone interested in thinking about a job reclassification or upgrade. Participants will learn from union leaders and members with experience in the reclass process about how the classification system works, what a reclassification effort entails, and what are the likely outcomes. Each participant will receive a customized packet of information.

  • The HUCTW Ed Fund Workshop
         (typically scheduled once each semester)
    How to make the most out of (and pay the least for) your education while working at Harvard. Learn about all of the different educational opportunities available to Harvard staff. Make the most of your Harvard benefits to earn a degree or certificate subsidized by the University.
    With changes to TAP and the Ed Fund in our new contract, we are holding extra workshops. See the Ed Fund page for more information on current offerings:   Ed Fund Workshops

    To express interest or to ask questions, please email