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Learning Opportunities
...HUCTW workshops and info

Work Security Resources
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Education Fund
...info & forms

Childcare Fund
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Teen Enrichment Fund
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Housing Assistance
Small Loan Programs
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Transportation Fund
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A Community of Learners:
The HUCTW Philosophy on Staff Development

A list of workshops for union members.
HUCTW history and philosophy, how to use programs and procedures
The Union Education Fund page.
Tuition assistance program for union members taking classes outside Harvard
The Tuition Assistance Program (TAP).
The University's tuition assistance plan for Harvard courses and complementing the Union Education Fund for outside courses
The Extension School web site.
One of the most convenient venues for use of TAP to take courses)
The Center for Workplace Development (CWD) web site.
The University's on campus training center.
The CWD Bridge Program
Classes and resources to meet the needs of individual staff at all levels.
Career Management tools including Career Roadmaps
Tools relevant to all employees regardless of your career stage.


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