HUCTW Publications

These are letters and documents written and distributed by HUCTW to our membership and the Harvard community.




June 2011 Newsletter HUCTW News
March 31, 2011 Open Letter Health Care: Big Challenges and New Ideas
March 2011 Newsletter HUCTW News
February 14, 2011 Open Letter 2011: A Challenging New Era
June 30, 2010 Announcement Announcement of Tentative Agreement
June 21, 2010 Update Update on Contract Negotiations
March 22, 2010 Open Letter HUCTW in Negotiation: Thoughtful Advocacy and Constructive Partnership
February 5, 2010 Open Letter Beyond the Layoffs: What is Harvard's "New Normal?"
January 2010 H&T Newsletter Housing and Transportation News
November 2009 Newsletter HUCTW News
September 2009 Newsletter HUCTW News
August 24, 2009 Update Update on the Economy and Layoffs
June 24, 2009 Update HUCTW Update & Response
May 8, 2009 Open Letter On Budgets, Cost Reductions, and Urgent Goals
May 2009 H&T Newsletter Housing and Transportation News
March 2, 2009 Open Letter On Harvard budgets and the Early Retirement Incentive
February 9, 2009 Open Letter Update on the economy and Harvard finances
January 2009 H&T Newsletter Housing and Transportation News
January 2009 Newsletter HUCTW News
December 22, 2008 Open Letter Follow Up on the economy
December 2, 2008 Open Letter On the economy
May 2, 2008 Open Letter Health Care Update: Continuing Discussions and Positive Changes
May 2, 2008 Newsletter HUCTW News
March 10, 2008 Open Letter Current Health Care Issues
November 12, 2007 Open Letter Implementing Our New Agreement
June 1, 2007 Open Letter HU & HUCTW Joint Statement on Agreement
May 17, 2007 Open Letter On negotiations
April 2007 Newsletter HUCTW News
April 2007 Report Negotiations Survey Report
Winter 2006/2007 Newsletter HUCTW News
October 2006 Open Letter Harvard, HUCTW and Healthcare: Local Strategies for a National Problem
Summer 2006 Newsletter HUCTW News
June 2006 Open Letter The Future of Leadership at Harvard
Winter 2005/2006 Newsletter HUCTW News
January 2005 Newsletter HUCTW News
Fall 2004 Newsletter HUCTW News
2004 Open Letter What's happening at Harvard?: An update for staff, faculty and students from HUCTW
November 2003 Newsletter HUCTW News
March 2003 Open Letter HUCTW on War: Good Things Come to Those Who Negotiate
November 2002 Open Letter HUCTW in 2002: After 14 Years of Steady Progress, A New Agenda and A Continuing Commitment
November 2002 Newsletter HUCTW News