harvard union of clerical & technical workers

Transportation Fund

This fund provides assistance with significant commuting and/or parking costs and attempts to equalize commuting costs among members in different areas of the University.

In order to receive assistance from the Transportation Fund you must be a member of HUCTW and:

  • Commute to Harvard each day via the commuter rail (zone 5 or above);
  • Park in a MBTA parking lot or in the Longwood Medical Area;
  • Use a private commuter bus or a non-MBTA train; or
  • Accrue non-subsidized commuting expenses to and from work higher than $120/month or $1440/fiscal year.

Expenses incurred parking in a Cambridge garage owned by Harvard University, purchasing a T-pass for zones below zone 5, and for gasoline/tolls/wear of a privately owned vehicle are not eligible for reimbursement.

The transportation fund runs in two cycles and has two deadlines during the year. For expenses incurred between:

  • January 1st-June 30th, the application deadline is July 15th.
  • July 1st-December 31st, the application deadline is January 15th.

Applications can be submitted by email, mail, or fax to:
HUCTW Transportation Fund
15 Mt. Auburn Street, Cambridge MA 02138
Fax: 617-661-9617

For full details about the application procedure and to apply to the fund, please see the detailed application guidelines and application form below. Please contact Lynn, Emily or Andrea at the HUCTW Office at 617-661-8289 or huctw.transportation@huctw.org with any questions.